3D artist Ben Wilkinson’s Five Faves

Ben Wilkinson has been a 3D/digital artist for over 10 years. He studied Computer Games Art at De Montfort University and has worked on a wide range of projects from VR games to simulations. Ben has a keen interest in all forms of art design and technology and loves to learn new things. He describes himself as a bit of a generalist and still trying to find his specialist niche – maybe one day they will all come together?

His favorite…:

1. Artist

Director and animator Alberto Mielgo. He defined the art style for Spiderverse, which I think has one of the best art styles in recent years.

2. Place to do remote work in Oxford

I’ve enjoyed working in George Street Social, looking forward to it opening up again.

3. How do you take your coffee?

I like to procrastinate by making coffee – hand grinding beans, frothing milk, heating mugs – I do it all.

4. Animal

We recently adopted two cats – Mitsu and Sumi- they are very easy going and like to lounge around in my office while I’m working.

5. Book

Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothuss – still waiting for the third part of the series.

Five of Ben’s own creations:

Anita Marie Myrvang
Author: Anita Marie Myrvang

Founder of Creative Oxford, 2D/3D-illustrator and graphic designer at Frekt Design and weird brain behind the comic series About Last Night. More is more when it comes to colors, patterns, people, crazy ideas, collabs and office dogs.

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