Skill swaps might be just the thing you need

Being creative for a living can be financially difficult as it is, if we don’t also sometimes have to pay for services to help our ideas come off the ground. Yes, you need hard cash to pay your bills, and I always stress that no one should work for free unless is for a good cause. But have you considered lending your skills or equipment to someone and getting a service in return?

Not convinced? Here are some reasons why I, as a designer myself, love a good skill swap:

  1. Let’s start with the most obvious reason first; money. Sometimes I have a great idea but I’m restricted by money. If I can swap skills with someone, that restriction is simply gone.
  2. It builds connections. Maybe your skill swap turns out to be a future business partner, or even a friend!
  3. Is your portfolio a bit sad? Make sure you can use what you do for the other person in your portfolio, that way you don’t just get a “free” service but you also get to build your portfolio.
  4. You get that warm, fuzzy feeling of helping someone else.
  5. The other person could become one of your references in the industry.
  6. You might end up doing a skill swap with someone who can offer something you never even knew you needed, because you would normally never consider their type of service.
  7. They could love your work so much they turn into a customer or client in the future
  8. Swap skills with someone who can teach you an entirely new skill. Maybe it doesn’t even have to have anything to do with your profession. I, for instance, would love to trade design for some piano lessons (yes, piano teacher reading this, this is aimed at you).

Does this tickle your fancy? Head over to Creative Oxford’s Skill Swap page and get started!

Anita Marie Myrvang
Author: Anita Marie Myrvang

Founder of Creative Oxford, 2D/3D-illustrator and graphic designer at Frekt Design and weird brain behind the comic series About Last Night. More is more when it comes to colors, patterns, people, crazy ideas, collabs and office dogs.

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